The all-black PS5 is here – but it will cost you

Dbrand, an aftermarket skin maker, has recently reached out to consumers via a survey to see what level of interest there would be in their custom black matte faceplates for the Sony PS5. Called Darkplates, they will let you bling out your PS5 in a slick black matte finish. 

Since the release of the PS5 with its removable faceplates, users have been clamoring for an all-black option. On their part, Sony has yet to come forward with anything to soothe the PS5 owner’s desires for an all-black unit. 

The survey that Dbrand sent out asks users to “help us price the Darkplates,” the lowest figure shared was $69, which is a solid price point for customizing your PS5. Dbrand states the Darkplates will feature a micro-texture inside the panel similar to one of the current PS5 plates. 

Dbrand states ” “If you look closely, you’ll see that we replaced the stock geometric shapes with more apocalyptic dbrand versions. As an added bonus, Sony can’t sue us for including them. Checkmate, lawyers.” You have to love the brash humor, and the look of the Darkplates do speak for themselves. 

The survey also mentions that Dbrand is making a custom skin for the center spine of the PS5, which Dbrand states is normally prone to scratches. More than likely, the skins will be sold in a bundle with the Darkplates, according to the survey.  When they add spinning rims, I’m all in. 

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