Samsung’s bizarre bug-eyed VR headset leaks (again)

Samsung already teased us with a brand-new, bug-eyed look for its Odyssey VR headset, thanks to a LetsGoDigital leak. Now, we’re getting a better look, and this time it’s kitted out with huge buggy orange eyes.  

Samsung was recently awarded a patent from The Hague International Design System, part of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office), which revealed the design of its upcoming Odyssey VR headset and controller.

The new images come with a 360-degree look at the rumored concept update for the Odyssey AR/VR Headset. It has a stylish and comfortable-looking head brace — losing the boxy style of Samsung’s 2017 Odyssey and 2018 Odyssey+. It also showed off a sleeker design for the headset’s integrated headphones.

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Oh, and of course, the bulging, orange goggles that will make VR users look like a fly. However, if the massive bug-like redesign suggests a more visually-pleasing VR experience or more comfort on the eyes, we’ll look like a fly any day.

The new concept images also showed us a sneak peek at the Odyssey VR headset’s new touch controllers, too. Compared to its previous design, this one comes with joysticks that are akin to Oculus’ controllers. 

In terms of specs, there were no details on how it will perform. Nevertheless, we can’t help but think it will be just like Jeff Goldblum slowly turning into a fly in 1986’s The Fly, although with heaps of more virtual fun. 

H/T TechRadar

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