How to see your battery percentage on iPhone

For some reason, Apple doesn’t like making it easy to see your battery percentage on iPhone. It may have something to do with the class action suit against it for manipulating performance on older iPhones to save battery life a few years ago, but that’s just speculation. Regardless of the reasoning, you can no longer make a single change in your settings to see your battery percentage at the top of the screen.

That probably isn’t a problem for most people; a quick glance at the icon will give you a general idea of where things stand, but sometimes an extra 5-10% might make all the difference, and in those cases, you want to know exactly where you stand on battery life. While Apple has made things a little tougher on the battery life watchers, it is far from impossible to check, so here are a couple of different ways to see your battery percentage on an iPhone.

The easiest way to see your battery percentage on iPhone

  •  Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen 
  •  Look in the upper-right corner of Control Center and you’ll see your battery percentage 


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