iPad Air vs. Galaxy Tab S7: Which tablet is best?

Here is a secret: there are only a handful of tablets I would recommend. Only five or so models are worth your money. The others? You can forget about them. In this face-off, I want to focus on two newly released tablets that give you premium features and specs at a mid-tier price. These top tablets are the iPad Air and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Yes, this is another Apple vs. Samsung showdown, and this time, the winner takes home the Best Tablet belt. 

That the Galaxy Tab S7 is even being compared to the iPad Air is an achievement in itself. Android tablets were predicted to become extinct years ago, but instead, Samsung employed the best features of its Galaxy smartphones to deliver another set of successful Galaxy Tab models in the Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus. To make this a fair comparison, I’m going to focus on the Galaxy Tab S7 as its starting price of $649 more closely matches the $599 iPad Air.


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