How to install Python on macOS

Python is an interactive, object-oriented programming language used by millions of people. In addition to Python’s standard library, the PyPI – Python Package Index offers a lot of community contributed modules, making it the most versatile programming language. It is used by heavyweights like Google, Yahoo, and NASA as well as by individual users for simpler tasks like data analysis. 

It is one of the top five programming languages for good reason. Because of the relative ease to install and no shortage of excellent documentation, Python is clearly a cult favorite that’s widely used for everything from apps to web scrapers. You can find the latest version at the website. 

Catalina (and older versions of macOS) have Python version 2.7 pre-installed. 3.8, however ,is the current version. If you want to make the jump, you can find the Python 3.8 folder in Applications. Opening the IDLE application file launches its Integrated Development and Learning Environment.

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